Monday, August 27, 2012

Fifties Fair 2012

On a glorious early spring day in late-August, Sydney's vintage enthusiasts came out in force to celebrate mid-century glamour at Rose Seidler House in Wahroonga.

This was my first visit to the 50s Fair. Somehow in the past I always seemed to be away or otherwise engaged, but this year I was determined not to miss it. And with my friends K & M in tow, we did it in style!

Here's K and I with a stunning Corvette.
There were a lot of beautiful cars just ripe for photo opps (that's me in the silver frock).

I bought this dress from the lovely dealer of Coutura Vintage, and with those shoulder pads I suspect its actually from the late 1940s. But my feeling is who could afford a new frock every year in those days? I'm sure a flattering number like this lasted many seasons. It appears to be homemade, by a clearly talented seamstress. The stripes meet down the centre in a perfect chevron effect and the shoulder pleats are sharp and clean. Inside the seams are lovingly hand-cast and ribbon binding reinforces the waist and hem. I just love these internal construction details!

I paired it with a red velvet hat that I picked up recently (with a David Jones label still inside), and black suede pumps that I bought at Love Vintage a few weeks ago.

Imagine my surprise to find an almost-twin, in a very similar dress, with velvet batwing sleeves and a slightly wider stripe, but the same rolled neckline and zippered front opening. Another fabulous sign of the popularity of certain styles and fabrics, that must have inspired many a home sewer to add their own flare. In the excitement of everything I didn't catch this girl's name - so if this is you, please get in touch!

The rest of the day was so much fun. As K's hubby said on the way home 'I feel like I've been to another country where things are done differently'. Stay tuned for more pics from the Fair over the next few days.

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