Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pattern loot - Vogue S-4217 & Home Journal 8912

I wanted to share with you a couple of patterns I picked up at the Fifties Fair last weekend.

I'm sure you also know the glazed-over feeling you get once you reach pattern-saturation point - that's when you start looking for specific details, things you haven't seen before that will add an element of surprise to your wardrobe.

The unique details are what drew me to these two lovelies.

First up, 8912 is an Australian Home Journal Pattern (mail-order I think), and I was struck by the cute waist detail with the buttons down the skirt front, and the tucks in the bust area.

I also love that the instructions assume that you are a home sewist without fancy gadgets - it says things like  'lay out the fabric on your table' and even suggests using a padded broom handle as a sleeve press!

Then there's Vogue S-4217 from 1951. I love the dropped waist, the slightly gathered neckline and the gathers repeated on top of the sleeves.

I'm a little wary of gathered skirts on my figure,  the flared style tends to suit me better. But I feel the dropped waist will create the illusion of more length in the torso which will balance the silhouette better.

What am I talking about - I just loved the illustration and who can pass up a Vogue Special?

With everything on my project list, it's going to be a while until I get to sewing these. I'll be posting these beauties over on the Vintage Pattern Wiki just as soon as I can figure out how to do that!

What kind of details have led you into buying a pattern when you really didn't need it?

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