Friday, May 10, 2013

To blog or not to blog?

I wonder if blogging is really for me? I see a lot of sewing bloggers have made an enormous success of their craft through making it public, but I'm not sure if being public is really for me. At least not the personal/public of blogging.

First, I get too engrossed in my sewing to be able to take photos as I go along - hmmm, that's something I might need to work on!

Second, I don't like posting pictures of myself online.

I do love sewing, and I do love sharing that passion with others! So I'll keep teaching, and sewing and thinking about whether to blog or not.

Meantime, here are some pics of things I've sewn, that I could've written soulful posts about, but I'll just let the clothes speak for themselves...

Just look at that pattern matching! This is Butterick 5209, in a Balinese cotton.

This is gorgeous vintage fabric, reminds me of a Raoul Dufy painting. The skirt is Simplicity 4303.

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