Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sewing blogs, I've read a few...

Yes I'm very grateful for what sewing blogs have taught me. And I don't begrudge anyone the success they've made out of their blog and their sewing...but it seems to me that nearly all the sewing blogs I loved are no longer about sewing. I know everyone has to evolve or we'd still be in caves, right? But I can't help but be a little sad about this (is Gertie ever going to finish those 14 Vogue patterns?).

I recently read a hilarious but poignant article about how over-sharing parents have ruined Facebook. I was chuckling and thinking thank god my friends aren't like that, only to login and find two proud-as-poop posts from new-ish-parent friends that made me realise no one is immune. I'm not going to 'Like' your posts about your darling's nappy deposits. But that doesn't mean I don't love you. I just don't understand your need to tell the whole world about what is a pretty intimate thing. As the article pointed out, let's hope junior doesn't try to run for office one day.

But back to sewing - to all the successful bloggers: enough with the babies, the outfits, the me-me photo-shoots and the promotional material. I'm not saying we don't care, I'm just saying we care more about SEWING. That's why we read you in the first place, and I'm pretty sure that's what advertisers are paying for space on your site for too.

Of course, this is all pretty rich coming from me - but hey it's my blog, right? And no one's reading it anyway :-)

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  1. Hi I'm reading :) hope I haven't discovered you too late