Monday, July 8, 2013

Mint Condition and Mai Tais

I recently bought a lovely big swathe of patterns from the United States. The postage cost a bomb, but it was such a wonderful collection - all in largish sizes (equivalent to size 14-18 in today's ready-to-wear) which is very rare in vintage patterns. All were in excellent condition too, especially this one.

Courtesy of Vintage Pattern Wikia

Isn't it a lovely design? My copy is pristine - appears to have never been opened and the tissue was never unfolded. I am very proud to be making this up for a client of mine. Seems like it's been waiting all these decades to be unveiled and has travelled to other side of the earth to meet its destiny. Ok, maybe that's stretching it, but I can't wait to see how it turns out. The skirt with side yokes and gathering will be very flattering I think. Love the hand written notes on this copy from the Vintage Pattern Wiki - will take note of her tips!

And then....look what I just picked up on eBay! I am a sucker for a good hostess gown, and this one ticks all the right late 1940's boxes - a divine tropical print, side drape and surplice wrapped front. Mai Tai's on the terrace anyone?

This is one of those patterns I dream about but it is a little impractical for modern day life...but then again, maybe practicality is overrated too. Bring back the hostess gown! I love the idea that as you are already in your own home, you get wear something kinda comfy, but the floor length-ness makes it formal enough to say, this is my party and I'm the star here (and if you need more crackers, that's me too).

So maybe this NYE (traditionally a very hot evening here in Sydney) I'll be the hostess swanning around the backyard with my Mai Tai in a proper hostess gown....I'll keep you posted.


  1. I love that dress with the side yoke! Always thought hostess gowns were a fab idea too... maybe we were just born a couple of decades too late, for some things any way.

  2. Oh, you've got to make that hostess gown and wear it NYE! Splendid idea. Comfier and far more elegant than some silly modern mini, no?

    p.s. Found you on Nicole's blog : ).

  3. No. No. No. The hostess gown would be divine to make and wear. It's a better maxi dress than what's around.
    Please feel free to make it and swan around!
    A lovely rayon or decadent silk would make this sensational to wear.