Sunday, April 17, 2016

A long hiatus...and a reason to return

What's the ettiquette when dealing with a 2 year blog hiatus? Do I write a post apologising for the gap, or just start again? I don't know, but it would seem sensible to at least address the time gap and then get on with things...

So over the past two years I've had two georgous little babies and not much time to sew or blog about it, or even read other people's blogs either.

With baby Ada among the jacaranda trees

Despite the many joys of motherhood, I have really missed the sewing world. So I've decided to dive back in and challenge myself by joining the Vintage suit sewalong. I've always wanted to make one, and now that I'm back at work a few days per week I have a reason to wear one...finding the time will be a challenge but hopefully the sewalong will be a great motivator.

Vogue S-4240 1952

A few years ago I found this 1952 Vogue suit in almost my size and snapped it up. At the time, Gertie was working her way through the patterns in the Vogue Book for Better Sewing and I thought I'd get to sew along with her tips. Of course, she started writing her own books, got a pattern deal with Butterick etc. and it's not looking like she'll ever finish the original 14 patterns that started her blog...I've always been too nervous to go it alone having no experience in tailoring. Just look at this baby - if you're gonna tackle it, you cannot mess it up. But I do have the accompanying book which has fabulously detailed illustrations, a lot more experience and my sewing reference library has grown in the past years.

Are you planning to join the sewalong too? I'm looking forward to seeing the patterns and fabrics everyone will choose.