Sewing projects

It all started with Casey's Circle Skirt Sew Along.

I made it in a basic homespun cotton, in red, assuming that if it worked out at least I could wear it on weekends. This was a great beginner project - even the bits I could have done better haven't been disastrous and I do wear it. Happiness really is a circle skirt!

I'm wearing it here with the Vogue Portrait Blouse pattern from the early 1950s, the one made (relatively) famous by Gertie Hirsch. It's a great pattern, really simple to make and it has tucks in the front (instead of waist darts) so it gives movement and has a slight blous-ey effect. I made it up in black linen, just like the original. I will definitely be making more of this one.

So much more satisfying to wear than a T-shirt. I love the linen, and I aced my first lapped zipper in this - the pattern had really good instructions.

Also you may have noticed my matching red cotton belt? I love the vintage look of matching fabric belts, and I made this one by hand (before I got my own sewing machine, I wasn't being a martyr) using one of Sunni's belt kits from her store, a Fashionable Stitch.

All of these sewing bloggers have really inspired my sewing - their instructions and tips meant that my first forays into modern vintage sewing were successful and what's more motivating than a little success? Well, wait till you see what I attempted next....

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